Allograft Bone | Sports medicine allografts | Tissue Transplant

The following is a list of the reconstructive and connective tissue allograft selection for sports medicine procedures available at the Alamo Tissue Service facility. Remember, we can always track down tissues that we don’t have currently available, and we’re happy to discuss custom orders with you. For full descriptions, download our catalog.

Allograft Bone | organ and tissue transplants | Tissue Transplant

Hard and soft tissue allograft selections for sports medicine procedures

•    Achilles tendon, pre formed
•    Achilles tendon, with calcaneus
•    Achilles strip
•    Fascia lata
•    Flexordigitorium Longus
•    Gracilis tendon
•    Patellar ligament, hemi
•    Patellar ligament, pre formed
•    Patellar ligament, whole
•    Patellar ligament, with whole extensor
•    Peroneus longus tendon
•    Semitendinosus tendon
•    SemiT/Gracilis combo
•    Tibialis tendon, anterior
•    Tibialis tendon, posterior

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