Allograft Bone | tissue and organ donation | Tissue Transplant

Alamo Tissue Service’s commitment to quality tissue allograft processing culminates with the exclusive, revolutionary PASCO2® Technology sterilization process. But it begins well before that, with a thorough screening system designed to ensure only uniform, high-quality donor tissue is recovered and processed for distribution.

Allograft Bone | organ and tissue transplants | Tissue Transplant

Comprehensive screening before tissue banking is approved

A comprehensive screening process is conducted to review prospective donors’ medical and social history, in accordance with Food and Drug Administration regulations and American Association of Tissue Banks standards for allograft companies. After receiving consent from the donor’s family, a qualified technician performs and documents a physical examination and reviews the donor’s medical records. 
Approved donors are tested by a CLIA certified, FDA-registered laboratory.

Tests include, but are not limited to:

•    Anti-HIV Type 1 and 2
•    Anti-HCV
•    HBsAg
•    Anti-HBc
•    Syphilis
•    HIV-1 and HCV (NAT)

Tissue banking with a heart

We go to great lengths in the screening, recovery, processing, storage, and distribution of donor tissue to maintain the utmost respect for donors and maximize the benefit for allograft tissue recipients.

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