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Perfect for sports medicine allografts and other reconstructive procedures. Imagine a sterilization process that leaves allograft tissue with more tensile strength and elastic properties than traditional methods like gamma irradiation. Alamo Tissue Service’s allograft tissue sterilization division, known as Precision Allograft Solutions, has perfected just such a process. Introducing the revolutionary PASCO2® technology.

Allograft Bone | organ and tissue transplants | Tissue Transplant

Supercritical carbon dioxide sets the stage for a flawless tissue transplant

The revolutionary PASCO2® sterilization relies on supercritical carbon dioxide to extract unwanted compounds from soft tissues without compromising their integrity. By balancing the pressure and temperature of the fluid, allograft tissue is prepared for use in a problem-free tissue transplant.

Eliminating blood and lipids without damaging allograft tissue

Alamo Tissue Service’s unique and revolutionary PASCO2® Technology sterilization process uses a highly effective, validated washing procedure, plus a mild, nontoxic sterilizing agent to rid allografts of blood particles and lipids without jeopardizing the tensile strength and elastic properties of the connective tissue being cleaned. Unlike traditional methods, PASCO2® Technology maximizes bio-compatibility and mechanical integrity in donor tissue.

Crafting tissue grafts with exacting standards

Our trained surgical technologists operate in certified class 100 clean rooms. The PASCO2® process is based on ISO 14937:2009 sterilization for health care products to process donated human tissue into high-quality reconstructive and sports medicine allografts. Allograft tissue is processed to a validated Sterility Assurance Level of 10 to the negative-6th power.

PASCO2® Technology’s advantages:

• Thoroughly inactivates pathogenic microorganisms
• Allows for increased cell proliferation
• Assists with reduction of postoperative inflammation and foreign body
• Reduces incorporation time
• Increases tissue’s ability to endure physiological demands

Tissue banking with a heart

We go to great lengths in the screening, recovery, processing, storage, and distribution of donor tissue to maintain the utmost respect for donors and maximize the benefit for allograft tissue recipients.

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