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•   100% pure DBM
•   No carrier
•   Moldable
•   Resistant to irrigation
•   Stored at room temperature
•   Virally inactivated

What is DBM?

Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) is allograft bone that has had the inorganic mineral removed, leaving behind the organic “collagen” matrix. The removal of the bone mineral exposes more biologically active bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). These growth factors modulate the differentiation of progenitor cells into osteoprogenitor cells, which are responsible for bone and cartilage formation. As a result of the demineralization process, DBM is more biologically active than un-demineralized bone grafts


This is the process by which osteogenesis is induced. It is a phenomenon regularly seen in any type of bone healing process. Osteoinduction implies the recruitment of immature cells and the stimulation of these cells to develop into preosteoblasts. In a bone healing situation such as a fracture, the majority of bone healing is dependent on osteoinduction.

DBM contains a variety of biologically active BMPs which are among the osteoinductive components of the bone. The BMPs promote mesenchyman cell differentiation leading to new bone formation.


The cortical cancellous bone chips incorporated into the PASCO2Fuse DBM Crush Mix provide an osteoconductive scaffolding that promotes bone growth. 

No Carrier

PASCO2Fuse DBM Putty and Crush Mix are entirely derived from human allograft bone tissue. This helps to minimize the dilution of the osteoinductive potential of the graft. 


Common uses of DBM include defect filling, spinal fusion, oral/maxilla-facial surgery, foot surgery, fracture repair, joint reconstruction, cyst treatment, and limb salvage.


Grafts are retrieved from donated human donors. These tissues have been determined eligible for transplant by our Medical Director and are then cleaned utilizing our revolutionary PASCO2 technology®.

PASCO2 technology® is a cutting-edge allograft processing technique that combines the principles of supercritical CO2 with that of traditional chemical and mechanical steps for the removal of organic materials, such as blood particles and lipids.  Grafts are then sterilized using gamma irradiation.

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Optimal storage conditions for PASCO2Fuse DBM Putty and Crush Mix is 15-30°C (59-86°F) in a secure and dry environment. DO NOT FREEZE. DO NOT EXPOSE TO EXCESSIVE HEAT. DBM will quickly lose functionality if exposed to temperature above 40°C (104°F).

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