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Alamo Tissue Service and Precision Allograft Solutions are proud to present AmnioBioGraft. Jointly developed by Alamo Tissue Service and The Army Institute of Surgical Research, AmnioBioGraft is a patch-like tissue derived from the amniotic membrane of the placenta. This membrane is the innermost layer of the placenta consisting of a basement membrane and an avascular stromal matrix. This membrane protects the baby from harm during development and possesses healing properties applicable to the medical industry.

AmnioBioGraft is available in the 
following approximate sizes. To 
request custom sizes not listed 
below, please contact an Alamo 
Tissue Service representative.

2 x 2 cm
4 x 4 cm
5 x 5 cm
7 x 8 cm
5 x 15 cm

For more information about 
AmnioBioGraft or to place an 
order, contact an Alamo Tissue 
Service representative at 
1.800.226.9091 or 210.738.2663

AmnioBiograft’s applications

•    Regerative Medicine
•    Wound Management
•    Chronic and non-healing dermal wounds
•    Cutaneous would care
•    Reconstructive medicine
•    Ocular
•    Injuries and reparative eye work
•    Burn Care

AmnioBiograft’s benefits

•    Matrix for cellular migration and proliferation
•    Increased healing
•    Non-immunogenic
•    Reduces  inflammation
•    Reduces scare tissue
•    Possesses antibacterial properties
•    Pain reduction at application site
•    Acts as a natural biological barrier

Is AmnioBioGraft Safe?

Yes. Amniotic tissues are procured from potential donors undergoing planned births that have been screened for communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis. AmnioBioGraft tissues are then cleaned and sterilized utilizing our revolutionary PASCO2 technology®.

PASCO2 technology® is a cutting-edge allograft processing technique that combines the principles of supercritical CO2 with that of traditional chemical and mechanical steps for the removal of organic materials, such as blood particles and lipids.  In addition to a highly effective validated washing procedure, PASCO2 technology® utilizes a mild, non-toxic sterilizing agent, to thoroughly inactivate pathogenic microorganisms and achieve a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 while simultaneously maintaining biocompatibility as well as the physiological properties and mechanical integrity of the tissue.

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Preservation, Storage, and Reconstitution

AmnioBioGraft is packaged and stored in a frozen state. Long term storage of frozen tissue must be maintained at -40˚C or colder. Short term storage of up to 6 months is acceptable when maintained at -20˚C or colder. The Tissue Dispensing Service and/or end-user are responsible for the maintenance of proper storage conditions prior to transplantation of tissue.

When reconstituting AmnioBioGraft  place the sterile Tyvek primary pouch face down into a basin of sterile saline, so that the graft is not visible (i.e. facing the sterile saline), and cover with normal saline or isotonic solution of choice. For best results the graft should remain in solution 2-4 minutes, until thawed. AmnioBioGraft does not require extended reconstitution times, 2-4 minutes at maximum for the best results.

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